Intellectual Property Law

Patents, Trade Names, Trademarks, Licensing and Assignments, IP Ownership and Registration.

Intellectual creations are key to successful business since registered intellectual properties effectively allow its owner or creator recognition and control over the commercialization of the creation, be it a song, artwork, literature, invention, design or business mark.* Registration of intellectual property serves as a protection on the part of registrant from any unauthorized use. In a business sense, intellectual creations are the key to success which warrants its protection through registration. 

The Firm recognizes this need and importance and offers its assistance to clients, whether corporations or individuals, in the registration of their intellectual property in order to safeguard their rights.

This includes Software and Hardware Protection. Business Ownership and Protection of Investments, Software and Multimedia licensing and protection, Employment and Labor Matters, Contests, Events, Advertising and Promotions Review and Agreements, Talent, Syndication, Programming and Distribution Contracts.


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